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Sea cake for a girl's birthday

A very beautiful and delicious cake for a girl’s birthday, decorated in a marine theme. Cake filling - Snickers.

Marine themed cake for a girl's birthday

There are many elements in the design of the cake: pearls and clam shells, corals, fish tails, seaweed, waves and sea foam.

Sea foam, fish tails, shells and shells on the cake

The fish seemed to dive into this sea cake.

Cake decoration with corals and mother of pearl shells

The sea shells on the cake are covered with kandurin, creating a mother-of-pearl effect.

Seaweed from fondant icing on a sea cake

Seaweed are made from fondant icing.

Waves and sea foam on the cake

The waves and sea foam are made from rice and wafer paper. Notice the cake, where pink and gold colored rice paper forms the basis of the composition.

Packaged sea cake - buy in Vilnius

Sea cake in a package. This cake can be made without sugar. Delivery and pick up in Vilnius.

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