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About me

My name is Kseniia Filippova. My professional confectionery activity began as a hobby and, after training and gaining experience, turned into a job. It all started with the desire to make cakes for my loved ones’ birthdays. The original cakes I designed and made were liked by my relatives and so I continued to surprise them with cakes on different themes.

Then my son was allergic to sugar and I began to study how to create sweets without sugar. And when I had twins and went on maternity leave, I realized that it was time to change my job in medicine to professional study of confectionery. I took courses on making sugar-free desserts. After that - holiday cakes. I raised my knowledge to a new level, gained experience while studying and completing orders for friends.

Then I received permission to work with food products (number 69MTSPĮ-5339) and now I can please you with sweets.

Sugar-free cakes and sweets to order in Vilnius

Orders fulfillment time

To complete orders, it takes from 3 days, for cakes with complex decor - from 7 days. Please place your orders in advance and I will help you choose the best option for a sweet treat or a gift. You can use a holiday calendar to find out a date and see ideas for delicious gifts.


Instagram: no_sugar_lt

YouTube: @becukraus_eu

Telegram: @no_sugar_lt

Phone: +370 662 60 592


Adress: Vilnius, Taikos g. 239

Kseniia Filippova Vilnius, Taikos g. 239
Maisto tvarkymo pažymėjimo numeris: 69MTSPĮ-5339