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Super Mario cake for birthdays and all ages

A delicious birthday cake with Mario - the most recognizable video game character. Even those who have never played computer or console games can easily recognize the image of this famous plumber.

Mario cake - a delicious birthday gift

The cake is decorated with elements from the Mario games: piranha plants, mushrooms, blocks.

Piranha plants, mushrooms, blocks on the Mario cake

Mario has a brother - Luigi. It was already in my works - Luigi bento cake based on the Super Mario games from Nintendo. But a large birthday cake allows for much more detail to be conveyed.

Elements of the game Super Mario on the cake

When you buy a custom cake, it is you who decide what characters and elements you want to see. So it could be a bento cake with Mario, and a big cake with Luigi or any other hero. It is possible to make this cake without sugar.

Cake with computer and console game Mario

Holiday cakes based on computer games look impressive due to their bright colors and simple, recognizable images.

Mushroom kingdom on a cake

Mario brings generations together. A cake given for a boy's birthday will almost certainly please his father. Players will remember how they played Super Mario.

Delicious Mario cake for boys and girls birthday

And everyone will want to take a photo with Mario cake.

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