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Star Wars Cake with LEDs

Do you want a cake to be not only tasty and beautiful, but also memorable for its unusual technical solutions? Star Wars fans will love this cake where the lightsabers and Death Star actually light up!

Star Wars birthday cake - buy in Vilnius

This is especially visible in the dark:

Star Wars cake with LEDs in the dark

Video of making a Star Wars cake and LED lighting:

If you want more power, it is possible to install a laser instead of LED, as is done in a Death Star cake. The laser beam will be clearly visible in the night sky:

Death Star's green laser shines into the sky

The candies and lightsabers on the cake are made from isomalt:

Isomalt lollipops and glowing swords on a Star Wars cake

You can choose your plot and characters that you want to see on the Star Wars cake. This can be not only edible printing, but also three-dimensional figures.

Death Star and Luke Skywalker on a cake in Vilnius

Making a Star Wars cake to order, pickup and delivery in Vilnius.

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