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Chocolate bomb cake with a surprise

In this chocolate cake you can put a gift or any surprise for someone who will open this bomb with a special hammer 💣🔨

Anything can be inside - from a small toy to keys, a wedding ring, a note or tickets.

Chocolate bomb cake with a sparkler instead of a wick

Cakes-bombs can be of different diameters. Covered with chocolate velor of your choice.

Different color bomb cakes - custom gift

The inner part of the sphere can be partially or completely filled with a regular cake (biscuit, cream, berry filling). The bomb cake can be made without sugar (maltitol is used as a chocolate sweetener, steviol is used as a filling). This option is suitable for diabetics.

Bomb cake covered with blue chocolate velour

A sparkler is used as the wick on the bomb cake. This will be an original replacement for candles on a birthday cake. Just don't try to blow out the sparkler - it's almost impossible.

See also other spherical chocolate cakes: the Death Star with a green laser from the Star Wars and a kettlebell cake.

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