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Kettlebell cake with a surprise

You can place a gift or any surprise in this chocolate cake covered with fondant icing. It's very similar to a cake bomb, but it highlights the recipient's love of sports.

Chocolate kettlebell cake, covered with fondant icing

Inside there could be anything - from an envelope with money to keys, notes or tickets.

A cake in the shape of a kettlebell will add weight to your holiday

It is possible to use a barbell disc (made from chocolate) or a regular cake as a base for the kettlebell cake.

Sugar-free kettlebell cake for a birthday

The inner part of the sphere can be partially or completely filled with a regular cake (biscuit, cream, berry filling). The kettlebell cake can be made as sugar-free and lactose-free. This option is suitable for athletes who are careful about their diet and diabetics.

Birthday kettlebell cake without sugar and lactose

Continuing the theme of spherical cakes - I can make a cake in a shape of a bowling ball, a globe cake (with places you love or want to visit), star cake or planet cake. The Death Star with a green laser from the Star Wars is an option too. Sometimes cake making looks similar as topology in mathematics :-)

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