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Sweet gifts for Christmas and New Year

The most beautiful winter holidays - Christmas and New Year. You can order and buy many sugar-free sweet gifts for yourself, children and loved ones.

Bento cakes for Christmas and New Year holidays

A Christmas bento cake makes a great gift:

Bento cake for Christmas and New Year

Bento cake can be decorated with traditional New Year's attributes.

Champagne on a New Year bento cake

Champagne and sparklers.

Sparklers on a New Year bento cake

See other options for New Year bento cakes.

Cake bomb with surprise and sparkler

Spherical chocolate cake in the form of a Christmas tree toy:

Chocolate cake in the form of a Christmas tree toy

A bomb cake with a sparkler and a surprise inside is a perfect gift not only for a birthday, but also for the New Year:

Christmas cake with surprise and sparkler

Cakes and ice cream

New Year and Christmas sliced cakes:

Sugar-free Christmas and New Year cakes

Or ice cream:

Sugar-free ice cream with New Year's and Christmas decorations

Chocolate figures for Christmas and New Year holidays

Beautiful colored chocolate figures would make great gifts for Christmas:

Chocolate figure - a red car carrying a green Christmas tree

Chocolate machine with Christmas tree on New Year's cake:

Chocolate figure on a Christmas cake in Vilnius

A green dragon will be the symbol of 2024. You can choose any color of chocolate figures.

Chocolate dragon for 2024 Green chocolate dragon 2024

Winter themed meringue rolls

Powdered sugar on berries decorating a meringue roll looks like snow:

Meringue roll - a gift for Christmas and New Year

This is a universal tasty and sweet gift for Christmas, New Year and other holidays. All sweets are available for order and purchase. There is delivery and pickup in Vilnius.

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