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Chocolate figures for cakes and gifts

I have many chocolate molds that allow me to create a wide variety of cake decorations. Here you can choose and order the options you like. Beautifully painted chocolate figures will also make excellent individual gifts or accessories in a set. Chocolate can be either sugar-free (with maltitol or stevia) or with sugar.

Photos will be updated. You can look at the section on holiday cakes, showing the use of chocolate figures on cakes: sea cake, bento cake with a bear. Bento cake with chocolate lips:

Red chocolate lips on sugar-free bento cake

Cakes made from large chocolate spheres: bomb cake, kettlebell cake, Death Star with a laser from the Star Wars.

Chocolate figurines for children's cakes

Delicious chocolate figurines adorn any cake. They are especially popular for children's cakes created for birthdays and other holidays.

Pink unicorn on a cake for a girl's birthday:

Pink unicorn on a cake for a baby birthday

Chocolate bear for a bento cake for a boy's first birthday:

Bento cake for a year for a boy with a chocolate bear Painted chocolate teddy bear

Another bento cake with a bear holding a bunny (or dog):

Bento cake with chocolate bear for a boy's birthday

Chocolate bunnies (height 68 and 98 mm, weight 75 grams each):

Sugar-free sitting and standing chocolate bunnies

Chocolate bunny with big ears on a cake (Christmas hat is made separately from fondant icing):

Chocolate bunny with big ears in a red Christmas hat

Chocolate bricks and Lego minifigures. Lego cake candles are made from paraffin wax using the same molds.

Chocolate blocks and candles in the form of Lego figurines

Dinosaurs (Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus and Pterodactylus), ferns and other plants of the Jurassic period. Made from fondant icing for a dinosaurs cake and painted by hand. The same molds can be used for chocolate figures of dinosaurs and plants.

Dinosaur figures on a birthday cake

Chocolate numbers on birthday cake

Sweet chocolate numbers can become an original decoration for a birthday cake:

Cake with chocolate numbers in Vilnius

Chocolate figures for Christmas and New Year

A car carrying a Christmas tree is a great New Year's story. The mass of this large chocolate figure is 190 grams, length 100 mm, height 65 mm:

Chocolate figure - a red car carrying a green Christmas tree

The green dragon will be the symbol of 2024. You can choose any colors of chocolate figures. The height of this figure is 85 mm, weight is 70 grams:

Chocolate dragon for New Year Yellow chocolate dragon with green wings

Year 2024 in dragon style and dragon eggs made from chocolate and painted in gold and green colors:

Colored chocolate dragon eggs for 2024 year

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