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Lego cake for boys and girls

* Including those who have reached adulthood :-)

Remember the feeling when you opened a Lego box and started creating a new world? A cake in the shape of a large yellow rectangular box with Lego parts is perfect for a children's birthday.

Square Lego cake

Even the candles on this cake are made to look like Lego figures.

Candles on a cake in the form of Lego figures

The Lego inscription is made of fondant icing. The cake is covered with ganache (made from chocolate and cream).

Lego cake for boys and girls

The figures (except for wax candles) and construction blocks are made of chocolate.

Chocolate figures on Lego cake

The cake filling is strawberry ice cream. The square shaped cake base looks like a large Lego brick.

Lego cake without fondant for birthday

A round cake with white cream, decorated with multi-colored Lego elements and Happy Birthday inscription.

Lego cake without fondant icing

An option for a simpler cake design with Lego chocolate figurines and bricks.

Lego cake for boy's birthday

It is possible to make sugar-free Lego cakes. Delivery and pickup in Vilnius.

Lego cake with the birthday person's name

Another version of the Lego cake. Differs from the first one in slightly smaller size and replacement of the LEGO inscription with a name of a person celebrating a birthday.

Lego cake with birthday party name

Chocolate figures and bricks, as well as candles in the form of Lego minifigures on the cake:

Lego men and chocolate bricks

Lego Ninjago cake

Lego Ninjago is the animated series, the film and series of Lego constructors. And also an idea for a delicious Lego cake.

Lego Ninjago cake in Vilnius

I can print on sugar paper and place on a cake any Lego character.

Print Lego Ninjago characters on cake

Sugar-free Lego cake for a boy's birthday

Round Lego cake with a name and age of a boy celebrating his birthday. The inscriptions are made of fondant icing.

Lego sugar-free cake for a boy's birthday in Vilnius

The same chocolate decorations in the form of Lego figures and parts were used as on the previous cakes. This cake is made without sugar and can be eaten by diabetics.

Lego cake for a boy's 5th birthday

When ordering a Lego cake in Vilnius, please specify whether you need a classic taste (with sugar) or a sugar-free option. This can be either the whole cake, a separate base or chocolate figures using sugar substitutes (maltitol, erythritol and stevia).

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