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Cakes with LEDs and lasers - I’ll make life brighter and tastier

My experience with making cakes with electronic lights began with a Death Star cake, which has a powerful green laser installed in it.

Death Star cake with green laser in the dark

A switching circuit has been invented without complex electronics and buttons. So you can take a lot of photos of the cake before enjoying its taste. And then use the laser as a souvenir or a powerful pointer that can be used to show stars and other objects in the sky.

Death Star's green laser shines into the sky

But a laser is a dangerous thing (you shouldn’t let the light get into your eyes) and for children’s birthdays it is better to choose a cake with LEDs. Variation on the same Star Wars theme:

Star Wars cake with LED lights in the dark

The Death Star and isomalt light beams glow thanks to LEDs. That is, everything is edible except the battery, LED and insulation. Electronic circuits are placed in cling film, which prevents contact with food.

LEDs on the Optimus Prime transformer cake

The eyes of the Optimus Prime transformer are LEDs. You can choose a different color or use color-changing flashing LEDs.

Transparent isomalt looks great when backlit, so I will experiment more with the combination of candies and LEDs.

I plan to make other cakes with lasers. For example, laser weapons from Fallout. Or a Star Wars theme:

Star Wars poster - Luke Skywalker with lightsaber

To make cakes with LEDs and lasers to order in Vilnius, write to any of my contacts.

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