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Minecraft cake for boys and girls birthday

The popularity and fame of the game Minecraft can probably only be rivaled by Mario. Therefore, a delicious Minecraft cake will appeal even to those who have not personally controlled the character of this computer game.

Minecraft cake for a girl's birthday

The rectangular cake is decorated with cube blocks and Minecraft characters. If you are interested in cakes with a square base, pay attention to a Lego cake.

Square cake for a boy with Minecraft characters

I can write on the cake according to your wishes in any language. In this case, the name and age of the birthday person are stylized to resemble the cracked letters in the name of the Minecraft game. I can print any text and image on sugar paper (as is done for Minecraft characters and lettering).

Print on a Minecraft cake and an inscription made from fondant icing

On the Minecraft cake, the colored squares of fondant icing symbolize a world made of blocks. The cake has isomalt lollipops stuck into it for the kids to eat first.

Birthday cake with lollipops for boys and girls

If the photos of the Minecraft cake did not give a complete impression of it, watch the video of creating a sweet gift from the world of right angles:

It is possible to make a sugar-free Minecraft cake. Delivery and pickup in Vilnius.

Rectangular Minecraft cake for 8 years

This rectangular cake is entirely covered with squares of fondant icing and gives the impression of an object from Minecraft.

Minecraft cake for 8th birthday in Vilnius

There is a pickaxe on the cake and number 8 made from cubes (age of a birthday person).

Pickaxe and age 8 on a Minecraft cake

Age and Minecraft pickaxe made three layers:

Pickaxe and number of years on Minecraft birthday cake

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