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Unicorn cake for a girl's birthday

Unicorn cakes are very popular for girls' birthdays. Here you can compare unicorn cake designs.

Unicorn made from fondant icing

The rainbow, clouds, stars and unicorn on the cake are made from fondant icing.

Unicorn cake for a girl's birthday

The cake is decorated with isomalt lollipops.

Cake with a unicorn made from pastry fondant

Chocolate unicorn on a girl's cake

The pink chocolate unicorn is very similar to the one made from fondant, only smaller in size. It was made using chocolate molds and hand painted.

Pink unicorn on a cake for a girl's birthday

The unicorn can be any color you want.

Pink chocolate unicorn

Unicorn horn made from fondant icing

The cake itself is the head of a unicorn, from which rises a large horn made of pastry fondant icing.

Cake with unicorn horn

Video of making a delicious unicorn cake:

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